Who is the Curtis Pike Intentional Community?

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We at the Curtis Pike Intentional Community live a cooperative Christian witness through prayer, environmental sustainability, and efforts towards peace and justice
Within this community we endeavor to:

• Root our lives in shared daily prayer
• Model Christian decency, care, charity and faithfulness
• Live environmentally sustainably
• Embrace nonviolence
• Work for peace, social and economic justice
• Offer hospitality
• Make decisions consensually within a context of prayer
• Honor individual sacredness, support marital unions, and nurture family relationships
• Balance our communal and private lives
• Share faithful stewardship of commonly owned resources

Through community living we strengthen and encourage each other in our various individual callings. We hold in common a community house and the land we live on. We engage in common work on the land, such as gardening, reforestation, and general maintenance. We seek to take responsibility for ourselves, to be good family members, citizens, workers, stewards of creation, parishioners, activists, etc. Our intentional community strives to enhance our immersion in, rather than separate us from, the greater community in which we live.

Through action we strive toward a life of friendship with the natural world, we advocate for the poor and we witness to peace in a violent world. We seek through the way we live, to honor creation respectfully, not as a commodity to be consumed, but as a gift. We have constructed homes that are more ecologically friendly, are solar tempered, use solar water heating and composting toilets. The greywater generated in the homes runs into our fruit and vegetable gardens. In our community house we use solar electricity produced through photovoltaic and grid inter-tie net metering.

Through prayer we believe God’s grace cuts through misunderstanding and confusion, helping us discern what to do. We meet daily for prayer, singing and scripture reading. In addition we meet weekly for community planning and decision making within the context of prayer. Twice monthly we gather socially to share a meal and for fellowship. We are active participants of Christian congregations and understand the Eucharist to be an in-breaking of God’s grace upon the whole Christian family and a shared blessing for our particular community.


2 Responses to Who is the Curtis Pike Intentional Community?

  1. dvcombs says:

    Mary Goshal? I remember you well as I do remember Jit well. I wondered about you many times and was just now sent this from our son Paul. So many times I have told the story of Jit sitting down with our son and describing the future venues open to him in such a succinct and wonderful way.
    I am much more enlightened for having known jit and slso you.
    DVCombs (Mrs. T.A.) from Pikeville College days!

  2. Kathy Curtis says:

    sweet, I love you guys.

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