January 10, 2011 Meeting

In attendance: Dick Futrell, John Capillo, Jack Keifer, Rob Weise, Margie Stelzer

1. We went over the outcome of our December 6 meeting with County Planning Administrator, Duane Curry. Discussion about wastewater treatment in Madison County, the inappropriate use of septic systems in a karst region and Richmond’s sewage packaging plants that are regularly overloaded and dumping untreated sewage into local creeks

2. John, Dick and Margie volunteered to present a citizen’s perspective of residential green building codes to Alice Jone’s Land Use Planning class on January 20th.

3. John, Dick and Margie volunteered to arrange a meeting with County Judge Executive, Kent Clark to introduce our work on green residential building codes and to possibly arrange a presentation to the fiscal court. John will talk to Craig Williams about coordinating efforts with the Kentucky Environmental Fund (K.E.F.)


About greenbuildingcodes

I live on a ridge top in the Curtis Pike Intentional Community in Madison County Kentucky. For the past year and a half, we have been working with our county planning and zoning board to encourage the development and expansion of sustainable building projects in Madison County.
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