Second Public Meeting: November 15, 2010

Minutes from Green Codes Meeting 11-15-10 (2nd meeting)

Where are we now?
– Curtis Pike has encountered code issues when looking to add new home
– CP was told that it must become a subdivision, adding water and power lines, generally disturbing the environment in undesirable ways
– So this group was formed to address the issue that we need new codes
– Duane Curry (Madison Co. Bldg Inspector) is listening, we must provide something he will hear
– After last meeting goals for code research were established and assigned to attendees
– Research found a group from around ’99-’00 called “Madison County Action Team (MCAT)” that lead a charge for a proto-Sustainable Berea
– However group was not successful in changing codes
– MCAT later became MERJ and Sustainable Berea
– A search for Green Bldg. Codes (GBC) 2 years ago turned up nil, recent search had much better results
– NAHB Green Home Bldg. Guide
– United Kingdom has code for Sustainable Bldg. c. 2007
– CALgreen in California c. 2010, Santa Monica has own GBC
– Santa Fe has the most modern GBC codes
– Cleveland Community College in Cleveland, TN has Green Bldg. Program
– O. C. E. A. N. helps communities and governments create GBC codes by providing an Action Plan for Sustainable Code creation

Discussion: The goal of this group is to eventually create GBC codes for Madison Co. Where do we begin?
– Must find and reference engineering data to create codes
– Codes should be in a form that can later become a checksheet that can just be turned in to Bldg. Inspector rather than needing to provide engineering data every time for every mildly different Green Bldg.
– a minimum of 2 to 3 options should be provided for each type of part of home that can be implemented in a “Green” way
– request input from the community, find people that can tell stories about what they wanted to build and the troubles they experienced trying to build under current code regulations


About greenbuildingcodes

I live on a ridge top in the Curtis Pike Intentional Community in Madison County Kentucky. For the past year and a half, we have been working with our county planning and zoning board to encourage the development and expansion of sustainable building projects in Madison County.
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