Website to help local governments create green building codes

I hadn’t done a thorough search of the web recently and yesterday, when I searched “green building” was pleasantly surprised by a new discovery. I stumbled across OCEAN (On-line Code Environment and Advocacy Network). Our group has been at a loss with how to actually get a code passed. The county administrator has been vague about the process. From the site, I downloaded two documents “Building Energy Codes 101” and “Green Building Toolkit for Local Government”.  Both have very practical recommendations for how to address stakeholders, government officials and citizens. This should be helpful at our next meeting on November 15th to get us beyond the “does anyone out there know how to get a green building code” plea that has been the theme of our public and private meetings.


About greenbuildingcodes

I live on a ridge top in the Curtis Pike Intentional Community in Madison County Kentucky. For the past year and a half, we have been working with our county planning and zoning board to encourage the development and expansion of sustainable building projects in Madison County.
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